Why have we closed our E-Cigarette store?

When we first launched our business back in 2014 it was always our intention to provide consumers with the simplest, most realistic and affordable solution for transitioning from conventional cigarettes to a safer smoke free alternative while eventually quitting smoking all together.

We would like to congratulate each and every customer who has managed to kick the habit for good, and we are proud to be instrumental in changing the lives of so many smokers who are now living smoke free lives!

However as the Vaping industry evolves so has the products that go along with it and as such our supplier has decided to follow the trend and are no longer manufacturing traditional electronic cigarettes, but are now moving into the vaping side of things.

As mentioned earlier it was always our intention to only promote a product that would help people to quit smoking, we have no intention on expanding into the vaping industry as we feel that it only encourages people to take up vaping which is entirely counterproductive to out original mission.

With that said, we are unfortunately announcing the closing of CanCigs effective immediately and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers for making CanCigs a success!

There is Good News Though!

During our 5 years of operations we have gotten to know the leaders in the electronic cigarette and vaping industry and we can wholeheartedly recommend ePuffer.ca as the "Best-of-the-Best", they have a full product line for everybody and for every purpose, If you are just looking for a simple electronic cigarette to help you in your efforts to quit smoking then they have the right product for you OR if you are looking for high quality vaping supplies they also have you covered!

They offer a "World Class" line-up of the highest quality e-cigarettes and vaping supplies in the industry with headquarters right here in Canada, their customer support is top-notch and shipping and handling is free with orders over $75.

We encourage you to make Epuffer your e-cigarette and vaping supplier of choice and we have no doubt that you will be absolutely delighted with your next purchase from them!

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Have a Wonderful Day!

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The following content is our original story and is intended for informational purposes only as we have officially closed our doors!

CanCigs is a 100% Canadian owned and operated online retailer of electronic cigarettes. Our fulfillment centre is located in the heart of the Nations Capital and we ship our products Canada wide. After nearly 1.5 years of research & development we're happy to announce that we have partnered with the world leader in electronic cigarette design and manufacturing and we are proud to introduce consumers to the most technologically advanced and superiorly crafted electronic cigarettes sold in Canada today.

Through our extensive research we have concluded that the overwhelming majority of consumers who are using electronic cigarettes would prefer to always have a pre-filled, fully charged e-cigarette on hand that is ready to be enjoyed at any moment. These same consumers also indicated that they Do Not want to deal with the hassle of filling the cartridges with e-juice and the tedious, time consuming process of cleaning the cartridges every few days. For these reasons we have focused our product line to meet this consumer demand.

  • Proprietary and patented electronic cigarette technology sets the standard in the industry and quite simply can't be compared. Slim, sleek and stylish our electronic cigarettes appeal to both men and women and continue to receive rave reviews from consumers across Canada.
  • Our long-lasting cartomizers come pre-filled with flavor liquids that have been carefully hand crafted by specialized "Flavor Chemists" and have become the envy among our competitors. Each cartomizer provides unparalleled plumes of vapor and is equal to 1 full pack of conventional cigarettes realizing you a savings of up to 80% by comparison.
  • We further pride ourselves on utilizing the highest quality electronic cigarette batteries in the industry. Our long life lithium-ion batteries are manufactured to the highest standards in state-of-the-art facilities. They are fitted with custom blue LED tips that light up when being used and also function as a warning system to alert users when it's time to be recharged.

We not only sell the top-rated electronic cigarettes in the Canadian marketplace we are also committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service as we strive to make your shopping experience as easy and affordable as possible. In addition to our already low prices we also include FREE SHIPPING on all orders regardless of size or value. No minimums, No requirements, No hassles!

Our Mission Statement: To provide consumers with the simplest, most realistic and affordable solution for transitioning from conventional cigarettes to a safer smoke free alternative.

Thank You For Making Us the #1 Highest-Rated Electronic Cigarettes in Canada