Are E-Cigarettes Proven to Help Quit Real Cigarettes? July 16, 2014 10:47

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It has not been scientifically determined as to whether electronic cigarettes can really help you to give up smoking of tobacco cigarettes. This is because it is a new product in the market and data has to be collected over many years and analyzed before drawing conclusions. The data collected has to be then tested and reviewed by the scientific community. Therefore, any consensus on whether e-cigarettes are helpful in helping people quit smoking can be arrived at only after many years. 

In Canada, this process is one that has not even bugun, so it will likely be many, many more years before Heath Canada will actually able to present any concrete evidence as to the ability or non-ability of electronic cigarettes aiding in the efforts to quit smoking amongst Canadians

If are going through this article, the chances are that either you or someone close to you must have been able to reduce the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoke with the help of e-cigarettes. Many people have even been able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Anecdotal evidence points out that people who are using e-cigarettes are able to reduce their use of tobacco cigarettes. If you ask a person who is smoking e-cigarettes, he/she will tell you that they have been able to at least cut down on the use of traditional cigarettes. 

For many smokers, the goal is not to reduce their use of tobacco cigarettes, but quit smoking. It does not matter what Mr. Twain says about quitting, it is very difficult to give up smoking despite the fact that high quality e-cigarettes and e-juices are available now.

Here is a quote from an e-cigarette user who wants to quit. Please check it out.

Who Said It is Easy to Quit Smoking

Many smokers who turn to the e-cigarette believe that it is a magic potion which will help them quit smoking. Of course, some are able to quit and live happily ever after, but for some others it is a struggle that they have to contend with. 

Ultimately, the truth is this. E-cigarettes cannot provide the magic solution that smokers are looking for. However, they can be a very handy tool which will help them quit their smoking habit. We all recognize the fact that it is not easy to make the switch, but if you have already started smoking e-cigarettes or thinking about trying out e-cigs, don’t give up even though you experience the craving for cigarettes at times. Stick with it and strive for a smoke free life. You will be glad you did.