Regulation Will Hinder E-Cig Sales September 6, 2014 10:30

Regulation Will Hinder E-Cig Sales

Electronic Cigarettes are designed to recreate the experience of smoking and hence its popularity is constantly rising. However many of these electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine are violating the rules and regulations of Health Canada and this is a matter of grave concern for the industry in Canada.

Phillip Gorham, a tobacco analyst from U.S. investment research & management company Morningstar stated that the growth of the e-cigarette industry would be hampered in case the regulatory bodies plan to impose controls just like the ones imposed on tobacco products. He also states that there will be rise in the cost and the tax as well as the legislation, which puts a limit on the advertisements, store displays and also sets down guidelines on the people who wish to sell them.

According to Gorham the e-cigarette industry was flourishing. He further iterated that if the device is kept away from the public view, it will not be as easy to get new sales.

He also stated that the e-cigarettes relied on marketing for their growth and in the absence of marketing the cigarette companies will not be able to create interest in new consumers.

The UN health agency has requested its member countries to restrict the minors from buying these e-cigarettes and it also asked for a ban to be imposed on using them indoors unless more proof is collected regarding their risk. The UN health agency also stated that the growing popularity of the product was putting a risk on the public health.

Dr. Douglas Bettcher the director of the WHO’s Department for Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases termed e-cigarettes as a double edged sword. He further elaborated saying, “The tobacco industry is taking greater share — as public health partners, pretending to be part of the solution to the health disaster they have created.”

Tommaso Di Giovanni, the head of the reduced-risk product communications at Phillip Morris however opposed the WHO and criticized it for terming it as a “de facto exclusion of tobacco companies in the democratic process.”

In an email sent to the Associated Press he stated, “This view ignores the fact that product innovation to develop and assess truly reduced risk alternatives to combustible cigarettes can play an important role for public health”. He further mentioned that likeminded companies are supporting this innovation and also have the required knowledge & resources needed to attain their goals.

The ECTA (Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada) has stated that the member retailers have a sales record of around 10,000 to 20,000 dollars per month.

Some supporters of e-cigarettes oppose the stand taken by Health Canada and recommend that the e-cigarette juice which contains nicotine is controlled by the Consumer Chemicals & Containers Regulations of 2001.

There is a mixed opinion amongst addiction experts & public health officials over considering these e-cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking. Some people feel that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to normal cigarettes and they are useful in saving lives. 

Our own research conducted among our customer base was that there are many traditional smokers who have been smoking for 30, 40 or 50 years . . . and after they switched to using our nicotine free electronic cigarette were finally able to permanently do away with tobacco cigarettes. This is after many failed attempts with the use of cessation products such as patches, oral sprays, lozenges and gums.

Therefore in conclusion, we feel unnecessary controls and regulations imposed on electronic cigarettes would do more harm than good not only for the industry but for the consumers who are benefiting from their use.