Electronic cigarettes and oxygen therapy December 11, 2014 11:37

Health Canada bas been notified of an incident in Quebec involving e-cigarettes and oxygen therapy

Health Canada is aware of injuries to a certain consumer in a fire incident in the Province of Quebec that has been associated with the using of an electronic cigarette in an environment with a source of oxygen available. The information that Health Canada is presently in possession of is that the injured person was undergoing oxygen therapy when the incident occurred. Health Canada is also conscious of similar incidents that have been reported in other parts of the globe. Health Canada is currently working in conjunction with the relevant authorities so as to get more information about this particular incident in the Province of Quebec.

Consumers are warned to be viOxygen Therapy and Electronic Cigarette Warninggilant due to the inherent potential risks involved when an electronic cigarette is used when one is undergoing oxygen therapy. This is because these cigarettes have a heating element -- as well as a power source that is either charged using USB support or a separate battery charger; sources of heat that may lead to the electronic cigarette being hazardly ignite if it is used near a container with oxygen under pressure like those used during oxygen therapies. Similarly, due to the fire risk involved, electronic cigarette batteries must never be charged close to an oxygen source.

In addition, Health Canada is warning consumers to be watchful over other electrical devices as well since they also have the ability to cause fires if used near such oxygen sources.

So, What Should You Do?

Consumer should never use or even charge electronic cigarettes close to oxygen sources like those pressurized oxygen containers that are used during an oxygen therapy.

Consumers should also desist from any use of electrical devices, including charging them, in close proximity to oxygen sources, for instance those pressurized containers used during oxygen therapies.

Consumers on oxygen therapy should always go through, and follow to the latter, all the warning inscriptions on oxygen source containers.

And What is Health Canada Doing?

Health Canada is carefully doing a monitoring of the marketplace looking out for information on safety-related incidents that involve electronic cigarettes or other electrical devices. Health Canada is also going to follow up with those companies whose products may be implicated in such incidents and accordingly take the appropriate actions to ensure that they comply with all the required safety standards.