CanCigs Launches a New Responsive Website March 23, 2015 10:57

Responsive website - imageIn a world of smart phones, tablets and mobile devices it has become increasingly important for online business to adapt to the times.

As a leading  Canadian online retailer of electronic cigarettes, CanCigs has taken the initiative to update our entire website to now be totally responsive on all mobile devises as well as desk top computers making your shopping experience a simple, seamless and enjoyable one.

Consumers can now view our entire product line of Starter Kits, Disposables, Cartomizers and Accessories all clearly laid out and optimized to fit perfectly on the screen of whatever device you are searching from.

We understand the importance of being mobile friendly as our recent website analytics indicates that over 30% of traffic to our website has come from tablets and smart phones and as such we want those viewers to experience our website to it's full potential.

Consumers who are viewing our website from any mobile device will no longer have to mess around with trying to configure the text or images to fit their screen, every component on our site will now automatically zoom, shrink or adjust to fit the screen of your devise making reading and navigating a convenient and simple process.

However, having a responsive website to showcase our product line was not enough. It was important that we also adapt a responsive shopping cart and check-out system that would function seamlessly on any device without the frustrations and annoyances that are often so prevalent on non-responsive shopping carts when being utilized from mobile devices.

Our customers have already expressed their gratitude and many have indicated that they love the new feel and design of the site as well as the ease and simplicity in which our 100% secure shopping cart interacts with their favorite device.

We want to  thank you all for your continued business and we welcome your comments and suggestions at any time.

Thank you for making us Canada's preferred electronic cigarettes.