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An In-depth Look at Health Authorities' Proposed e-Cigarette Ban February 18, 2015 10:35

As e-cigarettes continue to gain popularity among masses, health authorities are doing all they can to have them banned. Just like every other product that they have fought so hard to ban, there is absolutely no logic explanation behind this proposal. All they have is a mediocre report by Health Canada which states that approximately 20% of teenagers have tried vaping and that; e-cigarettes are yet to be approved.

Even though it's true that e-cigarettes are not approved, we can't ignore the fact that they have proven to be a whole lot more beneficial than all the other smoking cessation devices, like nicotine gum, or any other approved products with warning labels on them. What this means is that being 'approved' doesn't necessarily mean that the product will work. Thus, we can all agree that e-cigarettes are rapidly proving themselves to be the ultimate smoking cessation option. How is this so? A greater majority of people who are vaping are ones who either want to cut down on their cigarette consumption or, ones who want to quit. As such, e-cigarettes can be perceived as the ultimate breakthrough to smoking cessation. This is indeed seconded by Quebec's minister of health who also happens to be a medical doctor; Gatan Barrette. Dr. Barrette, who specialized in radiology, was quoted during a CBC interview affirming that e-cigarettes work. This belief is not only held by him but also by his colleagues.

What's more conflicting about this proposed ban is that, health authorities have for years been making billions of dollars out of tobacco taxes. Interestingly, authorities just keep on implementing barbaric measures but, don't care about the limits they are pushing people to. Wouldn't it be a lot better to first offer an alternative solution before banning the only existing solution there is? And if the ban is implemented, how else will smokers be able to quit or cut down on their smoking? Judging from Canadian authorities track records, it's evident that all they do is ban as many things as they can. Clearly, were they let to have their way; everything under the sun would end up getting stamped out.

To ensure that every citizen's needs are taken into account, it's best that the government set a limit on the number of things that have to be banned within a given timeframe. Alternatively, it would make more sense were the authorities to lift an equivalent existing ban before imposing another. For instance, if e-cigarettes get banned, then, people should be allowed to smoke in bars, or be allowed to buy beer in grocery stores. By so doing, Canadians will at least continue holding part of their freedom hence enabling them to continue exercising their personal freedoms.

In this regard, it's appropriate that individuals, more so ones in authority and those who are vehemently campaigning for this ban get enlightened on the benefits of e-cigarettes first, before opening their mouths. And isn't it time that people came up with more legitimate reasons to enable them get backing for their ideas rather than dragging children in all of their proposals?