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Hot Juice Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice Just Launched February 4, 2019 15:02

Founders of SAFE CIGS Launch Their New Hot Juice Brand of Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice

The Deak family, known for introducing the first electronic cigarettes to the American market place are at it once again, they are utilizing their vast knowledge and expertise in the vaping industry to launch a new brand line of vape juice and CBD e-liquids they call Hot Juice.  Jon, Robert and there Sister Lula are responsible for the launch of the well-known e-cigarette brand SAFE CIG back in 2006 which quickly grew to be a multi-million dollar company servicing the needs of e cig smokers around the world through their ecommerce site.

After about a year of hard marketing consisting of door-to-door sales and social media awareness the Deaks opened up their first brick and mortar location in their hometown of Philidelphia, PA, needless to say it was an instant hit and the recognition of their brand exploded.

It wasn’t too long before vape shops began to spring up around the country many of which were buying their products from directly SAFE Cig via their wholesale program, demand for Safe CIG vape supplies exploded exponentially and the Deaks found themselves scrambling to keep up to demand.

After several years in operation it became apparent to the Deaks that with the evolution of the vape industry there was a new demand and that demand was for quality Vape juices and eliquids that would enhance the vaping experience, and that’s when Hot Juice was born.

In 2016, the Deak family sold their shares in the SAFE CIG company and set out on a journey to develop a line of standard vape juice and CBD juices that would set the standard for excellence in the industry, in doing so they understood the importance of using only the highest quality ingredients sourced locally and manufactured in FDA approved facilities.

In September 2018 Hot Juice was launched and has quickly gained recognition among vaping aficionados as being The Future of Vape Juice & CBD e-Liquids, online reviews  such as this Hot Juice Review from renowned vaper Jaxson Kane touts their juices as being “World Class” — and claims that since vaping Hot Juice “he won’t vape anything else”


I think we can safely say that given their extensive knowledge and years of experience in the vaping industry the Deak family is likely to hit this new product launch out of the park and it will not surprise us that one day soon Hot Juice will be a force to reckon with.

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