Basic Starter Kit (black)



  • 1 Rechargeable Long-Life Battery
  • 2 GoldenTobacco Flavoured Cartomizers
  • 1 USB Charger 
  • 1 Carrying Case (this is not a charging case)
  • BONUS - 5 FREE Additional Cartomizers of Your Choice

The Basic Starter kit comes with everything you need to begin your vaping experience and also offers a level of convenience and simplicity. All you have to do is screw a cartomizer onto the battery and your e-cigarette is ready to enjoy.

When your electronic cigarette runs low on power the Blue tip will flash several times and will no longer light up when you take a puff indicating that it is time to recharge the battery. At this point you simply unscrew the cartomizer, attach the battery to the USB charger and plug it into any computer, the Blue tip will light up indicating that the battery is charging. A full charge typically takes about 1.5 - 2 hours at which time the Blue tip will turn off indicating that charging is complete, your e-cig is now ready to use once again.

When your electronic cigarette loses flavour or stops producing vapour it means the cartomizer has been used up and needs to be replaced, simply screw on a new cartomizer and you are ready to use your e-cig once again. We sell proprietary cartomizers specifically designed to be used with our electronic cigarettes, each cartomizer is equivalent to approximately 1 pack of traditional cigarettes and costs as little $1.99 ea. realizing you a savings of up to 80% by comparison... Don't run out, always keep plenty on hand

BONUS: Our Basic Starter Kits come with 2 Golden Tobacco flavoured cartomizers already included. As a bonus, we are also including an additional 5 FREE cartomizers of your choice . This amounts to a total of 7 cartomizers which is equivalent to 7 full packs of cigarettes.

Our Basic Starter Kit easily pays for itself from the very start, however the Big savings begin when you purchase replacement cartomizers. Each cartomizer equals 1 full pack of cigarettes and costs as low as $1.99 each realizing you a savings of up to 80% over the cost of conventional cigarettes. As you can see the savings are HUGE... Don't run out always keep plenty on hand!

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