Cartomizers - Golden Tobacco

GOLDEN TOBACCO CARTOMIZERS (as little as $1.99 ea.)

Our research has confirmed that Tobacco is the #1 preferred flavour amongst the overwhelming majority of electronic cigarette smokers that we surveyed, for that reason we have undergone extensive testing and development in an effort to bring to market the finest quality Tobacco flavoured cartomizers available in Canada.

  • The Industry's longest lasting Cartomizers come pre-filled with flavoured liquids that have been carefully hand crafted by specialized "Flavour Chemists"
  • Enjoy authentic tobacco taste with our Golden Tobacco flavoured cartomizers inspired by the smooth rich taste of full-bodied Canadian Virginia tobacco and infused with buttery notes of Brazilian tobacco, well rounded and¬†tastefully balanced... Our #1 Seller!
  • Our proprietary, patented cartomizer technology set the standards in the industry and have become the envy amongst our competitors.

Each and every cartomizer provides unparalleled plumes of vapour equal to 1 full pack of traditional cigarettes realizing you a savings of up to 80%. (pack of 5 cartomizers is equivalent to 5 packs of cigarettes)

HELPFUL TIP: Prices start at $12.95 per pack and drop to $9.95 per pack when you buy in quantity, see our savings calculator on the order page.