Electronic Cigarettes Without Nicotine in Canada

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We proudly sell our e-cigarettes without nicotine. CanCigs entire products line is nicotine-free and is fully compliant with Health Canada ruling number: 09-108446-55. We not only pride ourselves on offering the best products along with exemplary customer service, we are also an honest and ethically vested company operating in full compliance of the law.

The issue regarding the legitimacy of selling e-cigarettes with nicotine in Canada is full of controversy. But as these electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, their sale in Canada is considered illegal because they come under the nicotine delivery devices category. Hence, they need to get market approval under the drug delivery device segment. Health Canada is yet to approve of the sale of e-cigarettes or similar products in Canada which contain nicotine. Consequently, companies who sells such products are violating the law, however electronic cigarettes without nicotine do not fall under this category and are therefore perfectly legal.

You need to be cautious if you are dealing with nicotine filled electronic devices, since nicotine in loose dosages could be fatal or dangerous. If any individual or company is willing to sell nicotine products like these, then they are selling these products illegally in Canada and without quality control guidelines. You can never be sure about the safety of such products.

You need to remember that when you use electronic smoking products containing nicotine, there is the likelihood that you will become addicted to them. Using electronic cigarettes without nicotine is your safest option and they are an excellent way to fulfill your psychological cravings.

Why do we sell our e-cigarettes without nicotine?

We sell our electronic cigarettes without nicotine because the Law says we must!  Here's what Health Canada has to say... Electronic smoking products containing nicotine (electronic cigarettes, E-cigars, E-pipes, E-cigarillos, E-shisha, E-hookah & nicotine-filled cartridges) fall under the umbrella of the Food & Drugs Act. Products like these need to be authorized before they can be imported or marketed in Canada.

Health Canada grants the market authorization after successfully reviewing the scientific proof which shows the safety, effectiveness & quality of the intended aim of this health product. The sponsor who seeks approval to sell in market will have to provide such proof. However until now, none of the electronic smoking products have been approved for sale by Health Canada.

Without proper evidence, the electronic smoking product that delivers nicotine is regulated as a New Drug under Division 8, Part C of the Food & Drug Regulations. Besides this, the delivery system inside the electronic smoking kit which has nicotine must match the specifications of the Medical Devices Regulations. You will also need the proper establishment licenses issued by Health Canada before you can import, market, advertise and/or manufacture electronic cigarettes. source: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/prodpharma/applic-demande/pol/notice_avis_e-cig-eng.php

Health Canada knows that certain electronic smoking products containing nicotine are being marketed & sold in the Canadian marketplace and do not have proper market permission. Anybody who imports, advertises or sells these electronic smoking devices without getting the proper approvals are ordered to discontinue at once and if they continue will be subjected to penalties. E-Products that deliver doses of nicotine violate the Food & Drugs Act Regulations and are subjected to the compliance & enforcement of the actions adhering to the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy (POL-0001).