Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will I save by using electronic cigarettes?

The short answer is: YOU WILL SAVE A LOT OF MONEY!  The initial expense lies in the purchase of your starter kit. Each kit comes with enough cartomizers to last the equivalent of 7 - 8 packs of cigarettes, however, the real savings begin once you purchase extra cartomizers. Each cartomizer equals 1 full pack of cigarettes and costs as little as $1.99 each realizing you a savings of up to 80% over the cost of traditional cigarettes - as you can see the savings are HUGE!

    Check out our Electronic Cigarette Savings Calculator to find out how much money you can SAVE!


      How much do you charge for shipping?

      In addition to our already low prices we also include FREE SHIPPING on all orders regardless of size or value. No minimums, No requirements, No Hassels!


      Do you sell gift cards? 

      Yes we do, CanCigs gift cards make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, you'll find them HERE.


      Why do they have a Blue tip?

      Besides looking awesome they also help to avoid confusion when you are using your e-cigarette in public areas. We are all aware of the stigma that is attached to smoking along with the dirty looks one gets from non-smokers when you light up a cigarette. Because of that we use a Blue tip to avoid confusion, thus alleviating concerns from others that you might be smoking a real cigarette. In fact, instead of getting dirty looks and sly comments you will likely find yourself engaged in conversation with curious onlookers.


      What is the difference between a Pro Kit and a Basic Kit?

      The main differences are that the Pro Kit comes with 2 batteries, 3 cartomizers (plus a Free Bonus pack of 5 additional cartomizers), "Personal Charging Case" and accessories which allow you to charge your batteries on-the-go ensuring that you will always have a fresh, fully charged E-Cig ready to enjoy at every moment. The Pro Kit also provides multiple charging options when the case needs recharging, using any computer device or any wall outlet - the Ultimate in Simplicity and Convenience!

      The Basic Kit comes with 1 battery, 2 cartomizers (plus a Free Bonus pack of 5 additional cartomizers), 1 USB charger and a "Carrying Case" (not a charging case) which means that when your battery loses power it will need to be recharged. Charging typically takes between 1.5 - 2 hours which means you will not be able to use your E-Cig during that period. Your charging option is to use a computer USB port which may not always be handy, however, you can always purchase a wall adaptor and/or an extra battery to alleviate one or both of those issues.


      Can I begin using my electronic cigarette right away or must I charge it first?

      Yes, you can use it right away!  All of our electronic cigarettes are ready to use immediately upon arrival. Please note that our Basic and Pro Kits arrive with about 40% charge as a safety precaution during shipping, so although you can immediately begin using your E-Cig(s) you will need to charge them sooner than usual, just for the first time.


      How long does a cartomizer last and how do I know when it's finished?

      The average cartomizer will last about 250 puffs which is equivalent to roughly 1 full pack of cigarettes. When the electronic cigarette stops emitting vapour this is an indicator that the cartomizer is finished and needs to be replaced. If you're not sure whether the cartomizer is finished or not, try using it with a fully charged battery. If the Blue LED lights up but the cartomizer does not produce vapour then it's time to be replaced.


      What flavours are available?

      Our 1 1/2 years of research has confirmed that Tobacco and Menthol are the preferred flavours amongst the thousands of e-cigarette users that we surveyed, for that reason we have undergone extensive testing and development in an effort to bring to market the finest quality Tobacco and Menthol flavoured cartomizers available in Canada. Furthermore, conventional cigarettes have only ever been sold in tobacco or menthol flavour so we've decided not to sell fruity flavours that could potentially entice NON-Smokers (especially younger people) into using e-cigarettes when they otherwise would not have.

      Our mission is to offer a safer alternative to Smokers who's motivation is to do away with conventional cigarettes by transitioning to electronic cigarettes in the most seamless and realistic way. Using an electronic cigarette that is filled with fruity flavours is not a realistic solution.


      How long does a battery last?

      Our long life Lithium-Ion batteries are the best in the industry and have a life span of approximately 16,000 puffs (machine tested) which equates to roughly 60 packs of traditional cigarettes. Depending on your consumption a battery typically lasts 2-4 months (2 months for a 1 pack a day smoker - 4 months for a 1/2 pack a day smoker). When the time comes to replace a battery you can purchase low cost replacement batteries.


      How often do I need to recharge the battery and how will I know when it's time?

      Depending on the intensity and quantity of puffs a fully charged battery will typically last between 1-2 days before needing to be re-charged. Knowing when to charge your battery is very simple as the Blue LED tip will flash several times then go out and will not light up when you take a puff indicating that it is now time to be recharged.


      How do I charge the battery?

      This depends on what kit you own, with the Pro Kit you simply unscrew the battery from the cartomizer and insert it into the charging slot inside the case (second slot from the right) until it clicks into place. The Blue LED will light up indicating that the battery is charging. When the Blue LED goes out your battery is fully charged.

      With the Basic Kit you simply unscrew the battery from the cartomizer and fasten it to the USB charger, then insert the USB charger into a computer USB port. The Blue LED will light up indicating that the battery is charging. When the Blue LED goes out your battery is fully charged. You can also purchase a wall adaptor for the Basic Kit to eliminate the need to plug into a computer.


      Do I have to wait until the battery is completely depleted before charging it, and how long does it take to charge?

      You do not have to deplete the battery completely. Our batteries utilize Lithium-Ion technology and can be charged whenever and as often as you like. Electronic Cigarette Batteries usually take between 1.5 - 2 hours to charge when completely depleted. For the Pro Starter Kit the charging case takes between 2 1/2 - 3 hours to charge when completely depleted.


      Can I charge the batteries with other chargers other than your charger?

      We recommend very strongly that you do not use any other charger to charge our Eson battery. Also, we recommend that you do not use our Eson charger to charge any other battery. Although our Eson batteries might screw into another brand charger, due to difference in polarity, it could damage the battery and vice-versa.

      Any attempt to charge our batteries with another charger other than an Eson charger will void the warranty.


      How often do I need to recharge the Personal Charging Case and how will I know when it's time?

      Depending on usage the Personal Charging Case will typically last between 2-3 days between charges. When the Case no longer charges up a battery it is time to be recharged. A good indicator of this is when you insert a low battery into the charging slot and the Blue LED does not light up. This means the Charging Case is low and should be recharged.

      Attach the USB cable to the Case and insert the other end into any computer device or into the wall adaptor provided. The red LED on the side of the case will light up indicating that it is being charged. When the red LED goes out the case is fully charged.


      Do Electronic cigarettes produce smoke?

      No they do not produce smoke!  Electronic cigarettes produce harmless vapour allowing you to experience the sensation of smoking without the 4000+ chemicals and over 70 carcinogens that are known to be present in traditional cigarettes. 


      Do your electronic cigarettes contain nicotine?

      In keeping with current Canadian laws and Health Canada regulations our products are nicotine free ... Studies have proven that for most people electronic cigarettes will calm the powerful psychological cravings for cigarettes - whether they deliver nicotine or not.


      Do you sell your products to minors?

      None of our products are offered for sale to individuals under the legal age. If you are under the legal age please leave this site!


      Do you offer a guarantee?

      Yes we do. For full details please visit our Guarantee Page.


      Do you provide product specifications?

      Yes we gladly provide product specifications for our Pro Starter Kits, Basic Kits and Disposables. Please visit our product specifications page for more details.


      Best practice when recharging: As with any kind of rechargeable battery on the market it is always recommended that they not be left charging for extended periods of time. For our Basic Kits, always remove your battery from the USB charger when it has reached full charge. For Pro Kits, always remove the charging case from the Wall Charger or USB Cable when it has reached full charge.

      ~ Thank you for choosing CanCigs as your preferred Canadian electronic cigarette provider.