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Black Tobacco & Menthol Cartomizers - Wholesale Pricing


Our research has confirmed that Tobacco and Menthol are the preferred flavours amongst the overwhelming majority of electronic cigarette users that we surveyed, for that reason we have undergone extensive testing and development in an effort to bring to market the finest quality Tobacco and Menthol flavoured cartomizers available in Canada.

Cartomizers are an excellent profit center as they are consumable and need to be replaced on a regular basis, a typical electronic cigarette user will go through 1 cartomizer per day and will often buy multiple packs at a time.

Our cartomizers come in packs of 5 and wholesale for as little as $4.95 per pack (when bought in bulk), suggested retail in a brick and motar environment is $12.95 - $14.95 realizing you massive profit margins of over 200%.

Our Black Cartomizers are sold in cases of 20 packs of 5, per flavour

If you want to order Tobacco cartomizers you must order a minimum of 1 case of 20 packs in Tobacco flavour

If you want to order Menthol cartomizers you must order a minimum of 1 case of 20 packs in Menthol flavour

Combining flavours is not permitted, if you want to order both flavours you must order a minimum of 1 case of 20 packs Tobacco and 1 case of 20 packs Menthol

Also you are not permitted to combine a mixture of Tobbaco and Menthol to get a quantity discount, in other words you can not combine 4 cases of tobacco with 1 case of Menthol and expect to get the 5 case discount price, you would have to order them seperately and you would pay the corresponding price to the quantity of each flavour.

Note: All wholesale black cartomizers purchases are made through our online shopping cart from this page which has been specifically modified to reflect wholesale pricing.  

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