About Us

CanCigs is a proudly Canadian owned and operated electronic cigarette online retailer. Our products have been designed and manufactured under the most stringent quality control conditions and are fully compliant with current Health Canada rulings.  

CanCigs focuses on providing top quality products of the highest caliber sold at a reasonable price, one which will afford people a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience. Our commitment to providing Canadian consumers with the highest quality e-cigs as well as a positive online shopping experience and excellent customer service has propelled us to the forefront of this industry. We currently are one of the fastest growing electronic cigarette distributors in Canada today.

Our products comply with current Health Canada rulings, we do not knowingly sell our e-cigarettes to individuals under the legal age and we do not market any of our products as "smoking cessation devices" but rather as "alternative smoking devices".

Our electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, addictive nicotine or any of the 4000+ chemicals and 70 different carcinogens that are typically found in traditional cigarettes, they only contain a combination of propylene glycol and natural/artificial flavourings which produce a clean and refreshing vapour of the highest quality.

Studies have proven that for most people electronic cigarettes will calm the the powerful psychological cravings for cigarettes—whether they deliver nicotine or not and as such we have chosen to develop and market our products around that demographic.

At CanCigs we believe that a quality product combined with exceptional service is what every customer deserves, and nothing less! Our electronic cigarettes are the highest quality in the Canadian marketplace and have been touted as the finest electronic cigarettes by thousands of consumers nationwide.

For a quick overview of our company you can view our sales flyer.

Come experience the quality that so many people are talking about and make today a changing day in your life!

Thank you for your business and for making us Canada's preferred electronic cigarette provider. We look forward to a lasting relationship.



The CanCigs Team