E-Cigarettes - More Information

Electronic Cigarettes have made significant advancements in terms of design, performance and technology which has paved the way for all sorts of electronic smoking devices to be introduced into the marketplace.

The original electronic cigarette from years ago consisted of 3 basic components:

  • The cartridge which you must add e-liquid to with the use of a drip tip.
  • The atomizer which super heats the e-liquid and converts it into vapour. 
  • The battery which charges the atomizer by manually pushing an activation button while the user inhales.
When you assemble all 3 components together you have what resembles a traditional cigarette.

Through technological advancements, electronic cigarette manufacturers have been able to create a 2 piece model by combining the atomizer with the cartridge to create what is now known as a cartomizer. All cartomizers are automatically activated and come prefilled with E-liquid which eliminates the need to fill the cartridges yourself as well as eliminating the need to press down on an activation switch therefore creating a more realistic smoking experience.2 piece and 3 piece electronic cigarette

The most popular electronic cigarettes sold in Canada today are the two piece models which are typically sold in starter kits ranging from basic kits to advanced kits. Basic starter kits usually include a battery, a few cartomizers and a USB Charger. The more advanced kits include all of the aforementioned components as well as additional components such as wall adaptors and personal charging cases.

When in doubt of whether or not electronic cigarettes are right for you can always buy a disposable electronic cigarette. Most reputable e-cigarette retailers will offer disposables at a reasonable cost thereby giving you the opportunity of trying them out first before investing your money on the more expensive kits.

All electronic cigarettes contain e-liquid with one or more of the following ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, flavouring and/or nicotine. Depending on your geographical location the sale and importation of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine may or may not be legal, one example is Canada where nicotine filled e-cigs are banned, so it is always wise to check with your local laws before purchasing e-cigs containing e-juice with nicotine from suppliers outside of your jurisdiction.

Electronic cigars are a relatively new addition to the world of electronic smoking devises, they operate much in the same way as an electronic cigarette but look and feel much like an authentic cigar. Electronic pipes are also one of the more recent products to enter into the e-cig industry, looking and functioning almost exactly like the traditional tobacco pipes that we’ve all become familiar with.

A well thought out product known as an electronic hookah is taking the market by storm and is fast becoming the preferred smoking alternative for those who wish to quit smoking a traditional hookah pipe. Statistics have proven that 2 puffs from a regular hookah is equivalent to 1 full cigarette, so a typical hookah session lasting 100 puffs would equal 50 cigarettes in terms of negative health effects, an e-shisha is proven to be a much safer alternative.

With so many new and innovative electronic smoking products being developed it is no wonder that a new generation of electronic cigarette smokers has spawned known as “Vapers". Often times this group of people will gather in local clubs or Vaping lounges and compare flavour, vapour and throat hit, they also brain storm together to come up with new ways of improving the performance of their personal vapourizers (PV’s) by adding or modifying various components, this is referred to as building a mod and has become very popular amongst Vapers.  Most mods typically consist of larger batteries with the ability to increase or decrease the voltage output until optimal vapour is produced.

Another way that vapers go about improving vapour production is by applying a few drops of  e-juice directly to the atomizer, this procedure is known as dripping and can greatly improve the amount of vapour and flavour that is produced, dripping is best performed with a personal vapourizer such as the well known eGo series of vapourizers.

The industry is growing by leaps and bounds and many different products have emerged, but still to this day the consensus among the majority of Canadian consumers who use electronic cigarettes is that the two piece electronic cigarettes such as the ones we sell offer the most realistic smoking experience.