Benefits of Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

Benefits of Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

Our research has concluded that the vast majority of people who use electronic cigarettes are current tobacco smokers who are looking for a safer alternative with the ultimate goal of permanently doing away with conventional cigarettes.

Scientific studies have proven that electronic cigarettes are indeed a safer alternative they also offer several other benefits over smoking tobacco


  • Cost

The price of cigarettes is ridiculously high, as of this writing the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Canada ranged from $10.00 to $14.00. Depending on the cost of cigarettes in your province an individual who smokes 1 pack per day will spend between $300 and $425 per month!

However, E-cigarettes are approximately 1/4 of the cost of conventional cigarettes, again if we take our example of 1 pack per day the yearly spend for tobacco cigarettes would be between $3,650.00 and $5,110.00 whereas the cost of replacement cartridges for our electronic cigarettes would be as low as $730.00. As you can see this is a tremendous cost saving benefit.


  • Health

Unfortunately at this time Health Canada does not permit electronic cigarette distributors to make any health claims, however we will say this... E-cigarettes allow you to experience the sensation of smoking without the 4000+ chemicals and over 70 carcinogens that are known to be in traditional cigarettes.

Many people have reported that they feel much better after switching to E-Cigs, we've heard things like: reduction in smoker’s cough, feeling more energetic, improvements in sense of smell and taste, and less shortness of breath. Again we want to reiterate that we do not make these health claims, these are some of the benefits that our customers have reported to us.


  • Safety

Since tobacco relies on combustion to burn they by default pose a real danger and are the result of millions of fires each year, in fact cigarettes are the number one cause of house fires and fire-related deaths in Canada.

Vaping an electronic cigarette does not require combustion therefore there is no flame and no hot ash that can cause a fire.


  • Odour

It's no secret that cigarettes smell aweful, even hard core smokers will admit to that. The smell gets into your clothes, hair, furniture, vehicle and worst of all it permeates the walls and ceilings of your home making your whole house smell of cigarette smoke. According to a recent survey it was found that smoking in the home can reduce its resale value by up to 29% percent.

With E-Cigs there is nothing being burned, you are simply exhaling a vapour that quickly evaporates. Users of electronic smoking devices report little to no odour, any odour that might be produced dissipates very quickly, does not adhere to anything and is often said to be quite pleasant.

E-cigarettes from provide a cost effective, safer and cleaner alternative without all the harmful chemicals associate with tobacco products. If you are looking for that alternative, you've found the right place!