CanCigs Launches New Wholesale Program - May 2014

OTTAWA, Ontario, CanadaMay 29, 2014 /PR Newswire/-- CanCigs Electronic Cigarettes Launches Brand New Wholesale Program for Canadian Retailers

Many electronic cigarette distributors across the globe are focusing on the wholesale market as more and more retailers begin to add electronic cigarettes to their current inventory. Electronic cigarettes are showing up on Mom and Pop retail shelves as well as in larger chains as retailers feverishly tap in to this explosive market.

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes into the marketplace about 10 years ago retail sales have multiplied at exponential rates and now amount into the Billions with the bulk of retail sales being reported from large electronic cigarette providers operating primarily online.

With virtually all e-cig and related products being manufactured and exported from China it can be almost impossible for small retailers to enter into the industry without putting up a significant investment amounting into the tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Major Electronic cigarette distributors are cashing in on the demand from retailers by offering wholesale programs with minimal order quantities and low wholesale prices enabling Mom and Pop's to enter into this lucrative industry with minimal investment and/or financial risk.

In Canada, a leading electronic cigarette retailer has recently launched its own wholesale program and is now offering electronic cigarettes wholesale in Canada to all established and verified Canadian retailers who meet their minimum requirements.

Canadian retailers simply need to complete CanCigs wholesale application and submit it back to the company, upon approval retailers can immediately begin buying the Cancigs line of products at wholesale prices enabling them to join in on the rapidly increasing electronic cigarette sales within the Canadian marketplace.

"Ecigarette sales are predicted to top the 3 billion dollar mark as early as 2015 and now is the time to be positioned to grab a piece of the pie" says Patrick Johnson owner of CanCigs, Johnson went on to say "We have been inundated with requests from small retailers across the country who want to get in on the action but can't afford the usual huge investment, that's why we decided to launch our wholesale program... It's a win, win for all parties concerned"

CanCigs was first established in February 2014 and has since grown to become one of Canada's leading electronic cigarette distributors, their central fulfilment center is located in the Nation's capital of Ottawa, Ontario Orders and offers 24 hour shopping cart as well as toll free ordering and customer support.

Visit for more information on their wholesale program offered exclusively to Canadian retailers.

Media Contact: Pat Johnson, CanCigs Electronic Cigarettes, 1 888 220 1668,

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