CanCigs Offers FREE Canada Wide Shipping - May 2014

OTTAWA, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- CanCigs who have become the preferred choice when ordering good quality Electronic cigarettes have announced they have introduced FREE Canada wide shipping on all orders to keep prices low.

Electronic Cigarettes have become an important invention according to smokers who have said the product is allowing them to continue the enjoyment of smoking without the hazardous effects on the human body. As well as giving smokers a better and healthier experience that poses no threat to their health, the Electronic cigarette with the growing global ban of smoking in public places, allows them to beat the smoking ban that does not apply to Electronic cigarettes.

Canadian smokers who are looking for a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette are turning to CanCigs for their quality products. The environmentally e-cig helps smokers to continue to enjoy smoking while removing the tobacco content and reducing the health concerns that smokers have.

While other suppliers of Electronic cigarettes are charging for delivery, with an increase in postal rates CanCigs wanted to remove the delivery cost to allow their customers to save money.

A spokesman for CanCigs said: “In times of huge postal increases and courier rate hikes, CanCigs has introduced FREE Canada Wide Shipping on all of its products, with No minimums, No requirements, No hassles."

CanCigs also said when a person walks into a street shop they are not expected to pay for a delivery fee for buying a product. The spokesman said a consumer should not be forced to pay for delivery on any products they purchase when shopping on the Internet.

Electronic cigarettes have now become one of the best ways to help a person reduce their smoking without any difficulty or challenge. According to reports, more people are now using Electronic cigarettes to reduce the spend on their smoking habit as well as a way to quit smoking.

The Canadian owned Electronic cigarette supplier who has become one of the biggest online suppliers of alternative cigarettes as well as one of the top rated, make sure all of their products are high quality and are sold at amazing low prices.

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