CanCigs Reaches 1000 Customer Milestone - June 2014

Canada June 12, 2014 - ABNewswire: Canadian electronic cigarette retailer reaches 1000 customer milestone in less than six weeks of officially launching their business.

In less than six weeks of launching their website Canadian electronic cigarette retailer reaches 1000 customer milestone and is poised to exceed 10,000 customers in their first year of business.

In Canada alone Smoking contributes to more than 37,000 deaths per and rising “it is no wonder that the sales of electronic cigarettes are booming as people search for safer alternatives” says Patrick Johnson owner of CanCigs, Johnson went on to say “there are over 5 million smokers in Canada and the majority of them as some point or another will try to quit”.

As reported on their website CanCigs was founded with one goal in mind “To provide Canadian consumers with the simplest, most realistic and affordable solution for transitioning from conventional cigarettes to a safer smoke free alternative”.

CanCigs was first established in February 2014 but didn’t officially launch their website until April 21/2014, since then they have gone on to process in excess of 1000 orders in that short time and reportedly have already turned a profit  which is quite impressive considering most new businesses don’t realize a profit for several years.

They credit their exponential growth on the fact that they offer a top quality product coupled with industry leading customer support as well as a customer base who are quite eager to recommend their products to friends and loved ones.

CanCigs offers electronic cigarette starter kits for those who want to jump right in with both feet and begin using e-cigs for the long term or the optional disposable e-cigs for those who are looking for an affordable way to experience electronic cigarettes for the first time with minimal expense.

It should be noted that the CanCigs product line conforms to Heath Canada rulings in that they do not contain nicotine and they are not sold or marketed as smoking cessation devices. CanCigs products are simply offered as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette sales are predicted to exceed 10 billion dollar globally by the year 2017 with a large percentage of those sales coming from the Canadian Market Place sales. “The timing is right” says Mr Johnson “sales are quickly on the rise as more and more smokers want this technology and we intend to give them what they want”.