Electronic Hookahs and Electronic Shisha

Electronic Hookah/Shisha

Electronic HookahAs the e-cigarette industry evolves so do the products that come with it, many smoking products have been recreated as an electronic smoking version and one such product of note is the traditional Hookah/shisha now being manufactured as an electronic hookah/shisha.

The traditional Hookah dates back to the 15th century with evidence of their use going back as early as 1535 AD. Hookah pipes are widely used throughout Eastern cultures but can be found in virtually every country in the world including right here in Canada.

Hookahs (also referred to as waterpipes) are used to smoke a thick, sticky and sweetly flavoured tobacco blend known as shisha, it’s flavour and consistency varies greatly depending on the culture in which the shisha is produced, however the more popular shishas are often blended with select fruits and a molasses formulation.

As of late the harmful effects of smoking shisha through a hookah pipe have come to light as the younger generations of hookah smokers have become wiser and more health conscious and are more concerned about what they are actually inhaling as compared to the older generations of hookah smokers

Once thought to be harmless the smoking of shisha through a waterpipe has since been proven to be no less dangerous than smoking tobacco cigarettes, in fact a 1 hour session on a hookah pipe has been determined to be more toxic than smoking several packs of cigarettes and comes with the same associate health risks such a nicotine addiction, cancer, heart disease, emphysema and stroke.

But alas, e-cigarette manufacturers have designed and developed electronic hookahs and e-shishas which can now be used as a safer alternative to their traditional counterparts. They operate on the same principal as any other electronic smoking device in that a battery sends power to an atomizer that super heats the e-liquid within the cartridge and converts it into vapour

E-shishas and e-hookahs come in a wide variety of flavours and users have reported that a richer more robust flavour is achieved when the e-juice does not contain nicotine as nicotine itself has a bitter unfavorable taste that distracts from pleasantly tasting flavour at hand. So not only are you getting away from the harmful attributes of traditional hookah, you are also not going to become addicted to nicotine if you choose to vape nicotine-free e-hookahs.

A recent trend that continues to grow at a rapid pace is the emergence of shisha cafes and hookah bars where patrons can sit around an e-hookah pipe for lengthy periods of time while enjoying the similar tastes and sweet aromas of authentic shisha without the harmful affects.

While we see a growing trend towards the use of e-hookahs amongst traditional hookah users it is not our intention to distribute them at this time as we are solely focused on the distribution of e-cigarettes.