Voted One of Canada's Highest Rated Electronic Cigarettes

Ottawa, ON Canada - 02, October 2014 – After recent market testing, has been voted one of Canada’s highest rated electronic cigarettes.

Customers prefer CanCigs look, feel and taste. The Health Canada compliant products are 100 percent free from nicotine but still have the ability to calm traditional smokers’ psychological cravings for cigarettes.

The Canadian owned and operated company’s recognition may be credited to the extensive research and development that went into creating a product that meets consumers’ needs while staying compliant with Canadian laws and Health Canada’s regulations - especially as it relates to nicotine. The technologically advanced e-cigs are a result of 1.5 years of research and close partnership with a leader in e-cig design and manufacturing. 

Developers listened to what consumers want, pre-filled and fully charged e-cigs, and developed the technology to remove hassles such as filling and cleaning cartridges. For their efforts, the company is happy to accept the recognition and praise from satisfied consumers. 

CanCigs cartomizers are pre-filled with specialized flavour liquids that are eons ahead of the competitors. The plumes of vapour provided by a single cartomizer are the equivalent of a full pack of conventional cigarette – so it provides excellent value for money. The electronic cigarette batteries, made from long-lasting lithium-ion, not only meet the industry’s highest standards but also includes a blue LED light that functions as an indicator that the battery needs recharging. 

One recent customer we spoke to confirms that the e-cigs from are indeed the best in the market. “I’ve smoked conventional cigarettes for more than 15 years. Over that time, I’ve compromised my health and spent a fortune feeding my habit. I tried quitting several times with no luck. Then I stumbled upon and decided to give e-cigs a shot by purchasing the basic starter kit. What can I say? I love the flavor, similar to that of a traditional cigarette, which has helped smooth the transition for me. After trying the sickly sweet flavours of other e-cigs and having to deal with hassles of cleaning and filling cartridges, I can truly say that CanCigs products are by far the best.”

CanCigs commitment to quality is evident by the simple details in the products. The recognition as the highest rated electronic cigarette drives the team to maintain quality and recommit to providing the best quality products and excellent service to all customers. Visit to order the affordable Basic or Pro Starter Kits. Remember they offer Free shipping always.