Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarettes

Are Electronic Cigarettes with nicotine legal for sale in Canada?

There is much controversy as to the legality of the sale of electronic cigarettes. However, it is a fact that electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are definitely illegal for sale in Canada as they are considered to be a nicotine delivery device and therefore fall under the category as a drug delivery device and must be granted market approval.

To this day Health Canada has not approved any electronic cigarette or related products containing nicotine for sale in Canada, therefore anybody selling these products is doing so in violation of the law.

One must take precaution in dealing with suppliers of nicotine filled devices as nicotine in unregulated dosages can be extremely poisonous or even lethal. Any company willing to sell such products is acting irresponsibly and unethically as one cannot guarantee the safe use of nicotine filled products. 

CanCigs has chosen to sell only nicotine free products thus keeping in compliance with Health Canada rulings and Canadian law. It is also our belief that consumers not only want to rid themselves of the harmful chemicals, carcinogens and negative health risks associated with conventional cigarettes, they also want to rid themselves of their nicotine addiction. Our electronic cigarettes comprise of three ingredients: pharmaceutical PG, grain alcohol and flavouring.

Bearing in mind that e-cigarettes are not manufactured, sold or marketed as smoking cessation devices, it is important to understand that using electronic cigarettes with nicotine will only lead to addiction of electronic cigarettes. We believe it is better to use e-cigarettes without nicotine, not as way of satisfying your nicotine addiction but rather as way of satisfying your psychological cravings.