Tobacco related health risks amongst Canadians

Since the very beginnings of tobacco use in Canada thousands of studies have been conducted, always with the same conclusion... tobacco smoke is the biggest health risk among Canadians.

Below we have listed only a handful of the known health risks associated with tobacco use and smoking, as mentioned this is only a handful, there are literally hundreds of health risks.

  • 1) Nicotine addiction has been reported to be more difficult to break than heroin addiction.


  • 2) Cigarette smoking is the #1 cause of preventable deaths in Canada and account for over 37,000 Canadian deaths per year.


  • 3) Smoking related deaths in Canada out number all other causes of deaths combined including accidents, suicides, drug overdoses, and murders.


  • 4) Second hand smoke accounts for over 1000 deaths amongst non-smokers in Canada each year, over 300 will die from lung cancer and 700 more deaths will be due to heart disease, both of which will have been a direct cause of second hand smoke.


  • 5) Every 10 minutes someone will die in Canada as a result of a smoking related illness.


  • 6) One out of every two smokers will eventually die as a result of a tobacco related illness and 50% of those will be between the ages of 35-60 years old.


  • 7) Newfoundland has the highest mortality rate amongst Canadian smokers.


  • 8) The average smoker will likely die 10 younger than the average non-smoker.


  • 9) Illnesses that are brought on quickly and frequently due to smoking include: asthma, bronchitis, chest cold and stubborn cough.


  • 10) There are over 4000 chemicals and 70 different known carcinogens in tobacco smoke.


  • 11) Smoking is the #1 cause of the following different types of cancer:  oral cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the larynx, lung cancer, cancer of the esophagus, pancreatic cancer, cancer of the kidney, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer and leukemia.


  • 12) At least 1/3 of all cancers in Canada are smoking related and can be prevented by quitting smoking.


  • 13) The 31 cause of cancer death in Canada is lung cancer and roughly 85% of lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoking.


  • 14) Oral cancer is up to 10 times higher amongst smokers as well as gum disease and tooth decay.


  • 15) Tobacco smoke is one of the leading causes of all Cardiovascular related diseases amongst Canadians.


  • 16) Women who smoke while taking birth control pills have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke than women who do not smoke while taking birth control.


  • 17) The same risks of heart attack and stroke are up to to 4 time higher amongst the general population that do not smoke.


  • 18) Smoking reduces the body's ability to heal and respond to medical treatments.


  • 19) Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of stillbirths, miscarriages, and premature babies as well as complications during and after childbirth including maternal death and sudden infant death (SIDS).


  • 20) Smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in Canada!


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