Electronic cigarettes – a perfect combination of style and convenience April 9, 2014 12:01

Ever since electronic cigarettes were introduced in Canada, they have been creating headlines. Initially smokers were skeptical about its ability to satisfy their love for puffs but slowly they realized the benefits. It is the advantages of electronic cigarettes over traditional ones that have made them so popular. Smokers who tried them now swear by them and hence ecigs have become a part of their life.

The evolution of ecigs

Initially ecigs came in 3 piece models and the users had to fill the cartridges with e-juice to enjoy their puffs. This was cumbersome and often worked as a deterrent factor. Technological advancements led to the introduction of 2 piece models which made ecigs all the more convenient. Today, ecigs have evolved as not only the most convenient mode of smoking but also style statement for the people who care about their looks as much as their yearning to be smoke free.

Electronic cigarettes offer both convenience and style

The greatest benefit of using ecigs is the freedom of smoking. You can use them in many places where tradditional cigarettes are banned . Ecigs do not involve burning of anything and hence do not attract the same bans that cigarettes do.

Traditional cigarettes in Canada are available in only a selected range of flavours, Tobacco and Menthol, and as such we have focused on that and have decided to only carry these two flavours as we feel this will satisfy over 95% of ecig users in Canada and will help to keep our overhead down enabling us to keep our cartomizer prices the lowest in the industry

Electronic cigarettes are cost effective also. The initial cost of the kit may seem to be high but in the long run you only have to pay for the cartomizers.

There is no doubt that ecigs are a great alternative as no inhalation of nicotine takes place since Health Canada rulings forbid the inclusion of nicotine in pre-filled cartomizers. Smokers can avoid the unpleasantness related to smoking by switching to ecigs.

E-cigs are smokeless and odorless and hence celebrated by the smokers all over the world.

Apart from being convenient ecigs are also very stylish. They are cool digital devices that can notch up the style quotient instantly. Most of them are available in sleek models that are a pleasure to hold and use. With stylish body and aerodynamic design, they can be the perfect accessory for men as well as women.

Ecigs bestow greater control and wider choice to the users. They have provided an alternative to the smokers. There is no doubt that these convenient and highly stylish devices have found their own place in the market and also in the hearts of millions of smokers.