Quebec's National Assembly Looks at Regulating E-cigarettes with the Introduction of Bill 44 May 11, 2015 13:32

The Government of Quebec has proposed a new bill that will effectively regulate the use electronic cigarettes and vaporizers the same as way as conventional tobacco products.

If this new Bill 44 is passed it will mean that vapors will no longer be able to use E-cigarettes and related products in public places where Tobacco cigarettes are banned.

Quebec's junior minister of public health Lucie Charlebois stated that what ever current laws apply the the use of real cigarettes will apply to E-cigs as well, for example you will not be able to smoke e-cigarettes in restaurants and you will have to be at least 9 metres from the door.

Businesses where electronic cigarettes are forbidden to be used will face fines of up to $100,000 if they continue to allow them to be used on their premises

Consumers will have to be of legal age to purchase any electronic smoking products and retailers and merchants will be faced with heavy fines if caught selling to minors.

The Bill will further the current tobacco bans to include a smack-down on second hand smoke and a complete ban on smoking inside a motor vehicle where a minor is present. The ban will also be extended to outdoor patios of the hospitality industry such as bars, restaurants, hotels etc.

And finally, the ban will do away with the sale of flavoured tobacco which the government feels is a lure towards getting younger people to take up smoking.