Calgary Proposes New Anti-Smoking Bylaw That Will Treat E-Cigs the Same as Cigarettes June 9, 2015 11:41

Calgary Vape Shop Owner



Calgary, Alberta law makers are proposing a by-law that will lump electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes together effectively treating them as the same.

Changes could take place as early as July/2015 and would put Calgary on the map as having some of the toughest laws governing the use of e-cigs in Canada even though vaping is fast proving to be a much safer alternative with far lesser health risks.

With the sale of electronic smoking devises predicted to soon out-sell that of traditional tobacco cigarettes, many governments across Canada and North America are rethinking their anti-smoking laws and proposing changes to include e-cigarettes.

In a recent poll amongst citizens of Calgary it was concluded that over 50% of Calgarians are not comfortable being in close proximity to someone who is smoking an electronic cigarette or related devise, citing that the vapor was a nuisance that greatly affected the enjoyment of their surroundings particularly in closed confines.

Vape shop owners are concerned that restricting the use of ecigs in public places would affect their livelihood as it would make it illegal to for them to demonstrate their products to the buying public.

If this new by-law goes into affect it would be the second major anti-smoking law to come into effect in recent weeks following on the heels of a newly proposed ruling that will ban the sale of menthol cigarettes across the province sometime in the Fall of 2015.

The new bylaw will make is illegal to use an electronic smoking devise in or around all public places where traditional cigarettes are prohibited - without exception!

An infraction would come with a fine of a minimum $100 to anybody caught using an electronic cigarette or related product and heavier fines being brought upon establishment owners who willingly allow the use of ecigs in or on their premises.