Make E-Cigs a Part of Your New Years Resolution January 10, 2015 13:58

switch to vaping

Top 5 list of 2015's New Years resolutions include switching to electronic cigarettes in an effort to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Once again, we have stepped into that time of the year when everyone is coming up with a list of things they want to accomplish within the next 12 months. Interestingly, over the past 10 years, the top five things that have been making it into people's lists have all through remained the same. Year in, year out, people all around the world have showed desire towards these five things:

  1. Quit Smoking 
  2. Reducing Waste
  3. Getting in Shape
  4. Weight Reduction
  5. Saving More Money

In essence, this kind of list is bound to enhance one's personal well being. As a matter of fact, it aims at improving one's overall lifestyle. So regardless as to whether you plan on subscribing to a few or all of these New Year's Resolutions, you will amazed at just how one simple act (vaping), can help you achieve all of these resolutions. 


According to a national survey by the Forum Research, 27% of individuals who switch to electronic cigarettes have better chances of quitting smoking. A simple search on the internet will expose you to all kinds of stories about people who started using e-cigarettes and a couple of months down the line, found themselves to be completely tobacco free.


From the streets, to the restaurants and the shopping centers, you will find that a significant amount of waste comes from cigarettes. How is this so? Other than the fact that an empty pack of cigarette makes enough trash, the trash created by the 20 cigarette butts from this one pack is a lot worse. This is however not the case with e-cigarettes. In fact, the only waste created out of a 15 ml e-juice bottle is the empty bottle itself, and maybe one or two small coils. Though it is still waste, it's nothing compared to the waste created from cigarettes, as the former's 15 ml bottle is equivalent to roughly three packs of cigarettes.


It's obvious that everyone desires to get in shape and become fit. Unfortunately, since smokers are exposed to a wide range of tobacco related side effects, such as high blood pressure and inability to breath, working out isn't as easy thing for them. But in the case of vapers, working out is a lot easier. This is because they have easier time breathing, their blood pressure is improved and generally, they tend to feel more energetic and better about themselves.


So you are on a strict diet, but everytime you think about or see some chocolate treats or cinnamon rolls, you instantly fall into temptation. With e-cigarettes, you no longer have to worry about this. This is because there are all kinds of flavors available in your e-juice and, they contain zero calories! As such, you can comfortably stick to your diet without ever feeling the need to indulge in delectable treats.


Let's do the math. If a pack of cigarettes costs $10.00, and one pack is to be smoked on daily basis, then, one would have to spend $3,650.00 on cigarettes in a year. Now let's compare this to e-cigarettes. You can see from our Electronic Cigarette Savings Calculator that it would cost approximately $730.00 per year for e-cigs, saving you a whopping $2,920.00